Best Garage Door Repair Service in Denver

Best Garage Door Repair Service in Denver

Count On the Leading Garage Door Repair Service in Denver

Everything wears down as time passes, and the garage door is no exception. With regular wear and tear, your garage door can slowly become non-functional, leaving your car vulnerable to theft. But you can prevent that by hiring us as soon as you notice that the door is not working correctly. If you’re looking for garage door repair service in Denver, then read on.


Reasons Why Garage Doors Break Down

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Like most of the doors and windows in the house, garage doors often go unnoticed when it comes to maintenance. You tend to take your car for servicing, but forget that the garage door needs occasional maintenance too; otherwise, the springs and other parts can malfunction. We have come across a few common causes that lead to the garage doors breaking down:

• Rust buildup

The springs, nuts, and bolts may look small, but they are the pillars that support the entire garage door. If they give away, the door will stop working properly. One of the main reasons why these parts don’t function well is because of rust. Too much rust can break the spring, and the life expectancy of the door diminishes. Rust can also deteriorate the friction on the coil, weakening its function with every passing day. If there’s a broken spring or rusted bolts on the garage door, don’t hesitate to call us at (720) 900-2072. It will only take a few minutes for us to change these parts to make the door functional again.

• Broken cables and tension spring

Many people underestimate the weight of the garage door. You may think that since it can rise smoothly, its weight is comparatively lighter, but that is a misconception. That graceful movement takes place due to the smooth performance of the tension mechanisms that operate inside the door. Without the cables or tension springs, your garage door won’t move as smoothly as you see it every day. The only way to understand if there are broken cables inside the door is when it slams down or glides down when you try to close the garage door. It means the tension spring and the cables are not working in tandem.

As the leading garage door repair service in Denver, we offer quick-fix solutions for such problems. Our technical team will arrive at your place and check the location of the fault. If it is a minor fault, we will repair the door on the same day. However, if the problem is a severe one, we may have to bring the door to our service center to fix the cables or replace them along with the tension spring.

Our primary objective is to keep you safe. If the door slams down, you may get hurt. Therefore, we don’t compromise on the quality of our service to make sure that we can finish the job in a single day.

• The misaligned garage door track

Many garage doors work like a train. They move on a specific path or track. It needs to follow the track religiously every time you open and close the door. A slight issue with the alignment of the track can cause the door to stop working. Since the door is heavy, the path can only deteriorate if you push and shove to align the track again. We advise you not to do it that way. There is a different system to fix this kind of problem. Contact us, and we assure you that the door will travel on the right track again once our technicians put their hands on the door.

• Incorrect springs

Many times car owners think that it is easy to fix a garage door, and all they need to do is change the broken spring. You use a similar looking spring, but that too breaks in a few days. This happens because you may have used the incorrect spring in the first place. Sooner or later, the other springs will also start to malfunction because of the improper use of the primary springs. But we won’t make that mistake. We always inspect the parts used in the door before repairing or replacing them. This eliminates the risk of providing poor service.

• Poor maintenance

This is one of the significant reasons why garage doors don’t function correctly. Ideally, you should oil the springs, joints, nuts, and bolts to ensure they operate smoothly. But most people forget about the door, and that can lead to the breakdown of the garage door sooner than you think. If you feel you can’t maintain the door, contact us. We will keep your garage door fit and healthy so that it lasts for a long time. Our company offers garage door maintenance services apart from repairs and installations.


Services We Offer

Garage Door Denver Services

Over the years, our hard work has paid off, and we are now the best garage door repair service in Denver with a massive customer base. Our focus on customer satisfaction and uncompromising quality service has brought us to this position. Take a look at some of our services below:

1. Garage door tune-ups

Like other machine parts, your garage door needs maintenance too. There are more than 300 moving parts in the garage door that needs to work in tandem whenever you open or close the door. If one of these parts malfunction, the door may not work smoothly. We offer occasional garage door tune-ups to make sure that the door operates as it should. Our specialists will inspect the door mechanism to find out the location of the fault. This inspection includes a 20-point maintenance safety check that includes tightening the screws and bolts, inspecting the tracks, hinges, rollers, weather seals, and counterbalance systems, testing the force pressure of the door, lubricating the garage door openers chains, and adjusting the safety settings.

2. Fixing door springs

As already pointed out, garage door springs can breakdown due to many reasons. Extreme weather conditions can put excessive pressure on the springs to the point that it breaks and damages the door. Whatever the reason may be, we don’t back out from any challenge. Our experts will take a look at the condition of the springs and decide whether to repair or change them. We always advise the solution that can provide long-term support to your garage door.

Sometimes, the garage door doesn’t want to open even when you apply your full force. It might be that a couple of springs inside have broken that is causing this problem. We are always at your service to fix these issues. Our only advice to you is, don’t push the door forcefully. You might damage some of the other parts also. Instead, call us at (720) 900-2072, and we will reach your location to change the door springs quickly.

3. Realigning garage door tracks

A sudden force hitting the garage door can derail it from its track. For example, your kids are playing with the dog, and they hit the garage door, but they don’t realize that the track is misaligned. It is only when you try to open the door that you notice it won’t open. We can fix this problem in a jiffy. You shouldn’t try to reset the door on your own as it can injure you severely. Don’t jeopardize your safety when you can call us and get the issue fixed.

4. Garage door installations

Apart from being the most popular garage door repair service in Denver, we also provide new installations of garage doors. From custom-made doors to standard ones, we offer a wide range of installations to our customers. Our services are tailor-made to satisfy your needs. We have a team of highly-experienced technicians who can take the measurements of your garage, and make the perfect door according to the way you want it to be.

One thing that you can rely on us is the quality of materials we use to make the doors. Whether it is a wooden or steel door, we don’t compromise on the quality to make us richer. Our primary objective is to satisfy our customers with our quality of service. This is one of the reasons why we are now the leading garage door repair service in Denver.

5. Weatherstripping

Weather stripping is one of the most cost-effective ways to keep your garage door safe and healthy. Extreme weather conditions can have adverse effects on your garage door. A high-quality weather stripping can prevent the weather from affecting the door. We will inspect your garage door and come up with a suitable weatherstrip. Our company only uses branded foam weather strips that protect your door from heat, cold, and rain.


Give Us A Call

Our experience in this industry is another reason why people call us whenever they face any problem with their garage door. It will be our honor to serve you. We will prove to you why we are considered the best garage door repair service in Denver. Our team is just a call away from reaching your location. We are sure that you will find our services useful so call us as soon as your garage door stops working. All you need to do is call us at (720)900-2072, and then wait and watch how we deal with your garage door problem. We look forward to serving you for your garage door needs!

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Everything wears down as time passes, and the garage door is no exception. With regular wear and tear, your garage door can slowly become non-functional, leaving your car vulnerable to theft. But you can prevent that by hiring us as soon as you notice that the door is not working correctly. If you're looking for garage door repair service in Denver, then read on.

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