Top Commercial Garage Door Repair in Denver

Top Commercial Garage Door Repair in Denver

Hire the Best Commercial Garage Door Repair Service in Denver

Commercial garage doors have a lot of responsibility. They need to protect some of the most expensive cars under their hood. Intruders only wait for an opportunity for the door to malfunction once, and they will quickly pounce on the nearest car like a tiger leaps on to its prey. That is why damaged garage doors need immediate attention. As the leading commercial garage door repair service in Denver, we are at your service to fix the damage.


Problems with commercial garage doors


Commercial garage doors often experience more wear and tear than residential garage doors. Many people use these garages, and all of them may not care for the door as if it were their own. This can lead to occasional hiccups when the door doesn’t want to open smoothly. Everyone tries their best to push the door open, but that only deteriorates the condition of the door further. Instead of risking your car and making yourself vulnerable to severe injuries, it will be wise to call us at (720)900-2072 so that we can inspect the door and find the right solution so that the door works normally again.


Over the years, we have had the experience to work on several commercial garage doors, and we have found there are some similar patterns to the problems these doors face. Here are some of the issues that you should know about:

• Power problems

Most commercial garage doors these days work automatically. You only need to push a button to open or close the door. They are not operated manually like in the old days. Although this is beneficial most of the time, there can be issues with the power that runs the door. If the power goes down, the door is practically useless. Many commercial properties have a separate power supply for the garage door, and if the system overloads due to the voltage fluctuation, there can be massive problems with the power. But don’t worry! Being the most popular commercial garage doors repair service in Denver, we will quickly come to your rescue and deal with the problem instantly.

• Damaged track

Many manually operated garage doors in commercial garages run on a metal track. With regular use and poor maintenance, this track can get damaged. The alignment can also mismatch, leading to the door getting stuck midway. You can neither open nor close the door in this case. The daily use of the door leaves small gaps between the rails. Although the rollers tend to work smoothly, they can become non-functional after a few months if the track is misaligned. Even the metal used to make the path can get damaged or bent if there is too much pressure on the door. Our experienced technicians can inspect the problem and fix it on the same day, or if the issue is too significant, we can disassemble the door and bring it to our office to repair it.

• Misaligned photo eye

Modern garage doors come with sensors on either side that acts as the eyes of the garage door. Unless they can see each other, they won’t open or close. It is a safety precaution that prevents the door from slamming on to someone or something and injuring the person severely. But if one of the eyes is damaged, the door won’t work. It will remain open unless someone fixes it. We can assure you that our technicians will do an excellent job of rectifying this issue. They will make sure that both of the eyes look at each other for a long time so that the door doesn’t malfunction anytime soon.

• Damaged springs

Commercial garage doors are very heavy. If you ever get a chance to push it open manually, you will understand how heavy the door is. This can often impact the springs used on the inside of the door. Since these doors are used multiple times throughout the day, the springs can get loose. Sometimes, it is the rust that enables them to break easily, leaving the door jammed in its position. Unless there is a professional commercial garage door repair service in Denver looking into the matter, the door won’t budge even a centimeter.

• Damaged panel

Garage doors are made from various materials like wood, steel, iron, etc. Many of these garage doors have panels aligned to each other to form the gate. If one of these panels get damaged, the entire door will become non-functional. However, there is a solution to this problem also. We will take down the measurement of the panel and find the exact replacement for it. Our technicians will also install the new panel so that the garage door works correctly again.


Commercial Garage Door Repair Service in Denver

damaged-commercial-door-panels-Emergency Garage Doors Repair

Now that you know the different reasons why commercial garage doors don’t function all the time, you also need to know the various services that we offer to our commercial clients. Here are a few services that you can expect from us:

1. Repairing and replacing garage door openers

Even small parts of a garage door can cause significant problems, and the garage door opener is the perfect example for that matter. Commercial garage doors have slightly bigger openers than residential garage doors, and sometimes they don’t work the way they should. Our technicians are highly experienced to tackle such minor issues within a few minutes. We do a quick check on the opener, and if we think the condition is too bad for us to repair, we will suggest a replacement. You can decide whether to still go for the repair or change it completely.

2. New Installations

Apart from the occasional repairs and maintenance of commercial garage doors, we also offer new installations. It is always wise to get high-quality doors to keep the cars safe. The ones that we suggest come with the latest security features. Depending on your budget, you can choose from the automatic doors or the manual doors that run on tracks. We assure you that whichever door you choose, it will offer the best security to your cars. Our company believes in providing quality service and products to the customers so that you can refer your friends and colleagues to hire us whenever they need any help with garage doors.

We also make customized garage doors for commercial clients. Our team will note down your requirements and get back to you with an approximate cost to confirm the contract. We are confident that once you hear from us, you won’t want to hire someone else to install the garage door.

3. Repairing garage door remotes

Sometimes the door isn’t faulty at all. As mentioned, many commercial garages have automatic doors that open and close with the push of a button. Many of these doors also operate using a remote control. These remotes work on specific codes, and they might interrupt each other and cause the door to stand still. After all, they are gadgets, and there are chances that they might malfunction someday. Merely changing the batteries of the remote will not fix this problem. We rearrange the codes and match them to how they were previously. This allows the door to function smoothly again.

4. Repairing brackets and hinges

All commercial garage doors have hinges, brackets, springs, and cables that support the door and enable it to open and close smoothly. Any disturbance to either of these parts can cause the door to malfunction. It won’t open or shut. In fact, it is difficult for people to understand what the fault is. But we are efficient and experienced enough to locate the fault and fix it quickly.

Commercial garages hardly get any maintenance; ideally, you should apply grease to the hinges and spray lubricants to the brackets and springs. But since that doesn’t happen all the time, we can take care of the garage doors on your behalf. We not only repair these parts but also offer garage door maintenance services to ensure that it doesn’t wear down quickly.

5. Fix broken cables

This is a common problem in both residential and commercial garage doors. As the best commercial garage door repair service in Denver, we suggest you not to do anything if the door or one of the panes is dangling as soon as you try to open it. These doors are very heavy, and the daily wear and tear can break the cables. This restricts the pressure of the door, and it becomes loose. The door will slide down if you give a gentle push. Instead of trying anything, it will be wise to call us at (720)900-2072. We have fixed hundreds of broken cables, and we know how to fix them quickly. Our top-notch repair service will not only fix the cables but also make sure that the springs are working smoothly too.


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Commercial garage doors have a lot of responsibility. They need to protect some of the most expensive cars under their hood. Intruders only wait for an opportunity for the door to malfunction once, and they will quickly pounce on the nearest car like a tiger leaps on to its prey. That is why damaged garage doors need immediate attention. As the leading commercial garage door repair service in Denver, we are at your service to fix the damage.

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